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Don't backup, go forward

Rubrik - Radically simple data protection that can do more. Modernize backup infrastructures, protect data effectively against changes and still react quickly and efficiently to possible ransomware incidents.

This is what awaits you

We'll show you how easy it is to backup and restore with a modern backup solution. Today, of course, this also includes ransomware protection – and this is where Rubrik sets itself apart from its competitors. Data is not only unchangeably protected - Rubrik alerts you in the event of an attack, knows which of your data is affected and thus enables targeted and quick recovery.

Your Learnings:

  • the dashboard – «the simple backup overview»
  • SLA Backup Policies & Archive Storage - modernize and automate with the SLA backup policies & how to archive data easily.
  • "Google-like search" - how does the global search across meta data work and how does Lifemount technology help us in our daily business.
  • Ransomware Protection - how Rubrik supports you as a second or third line of defense in the event of an incident
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Backup solution
Since 2016 we have relied on the modern backup solution from Rubrik with a ransomware recovery guarantee. As a Rubrik Elite Partner, we offer a wealth of experience when it comes to implementing and automating modern backup infrastructures.
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Want to increase your server performance with a hybrid cloud? We support you as a cloud provider with your project and help you step by step to make your company fit for the cloud future. Our experienced experts are available to answer your questions and advise you on cloud solutions for your company.

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