Nutanix Field Advisory - Memory-Error-Detection

Dear Nutanix customers

Due to known issues with the current BIOS firmware on G6 nodes, we would like to proactively upgrade the firmware of all affected Nutanix clusters. The current firmware could have some Memory detection faliures, which we have not yet seen at our (Amanox) customers but might potentially occur as seen with other Nutanix customers worldwide.


We would therefore like to schedule a maintenance window to proactively check and if necessary upgrade the firmware. The firmware upgrade is non-disruptive (one host at a time) but we recommend to schedule an off-peak maintenance window to minimize the impact.

If you want to have more informations about this Nutanix Field Advisory please check this link:


To plan the necessary firmware upgrade please open a ticket with us using one of the following possibilities (please include the Nutanix block serial number(s) if known):


  • Email:         
  • Telefon:               +41 31 320 10 80



Please reach out to us for any question regarding this field advisory.


Kind Regards

Amanox Solutions Team



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Telefon: +41 31 320 10 80